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Friszon is making mealtime healthy again

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Our Story

Friszon was founded by Ashwin Prabhu when he realized that our busy lifestyles have us compromising our health during mealtime.

When I was completing my studies abroad, I found it difficult to fit healthy meals into my busy schedule.

In search of convenience, I had made it a habit to order meals from outside. If not that, I would simply walk to the nearby fast-food place, or rely on instant food products.

In the long run not only did these harm my health but they were also heavy on the pocket.

But the alternative, cooking your own meals, wasn’t easy to switch to either. In order to cook a meal, you need to...

make a list of ingredients…

go out shopping to get the ingredients…

follow YouTube videos or complicated recipe instructions to prepare the meal…

and even then there’s no guarantee that you’ll end up liking the taste or texture of your own creation.

There is a slow learning curve and most people quit at the beginning because it is hard to be patient with the process.

So when I came back home after graduation, I asked my mother to teach me how to cook and mentor me.

She helped me with the list of ingredients, showed me how to pick out good produce, and walked me through a number of recipes.

But this problem of not having the time to cook healthy meals is quite universal. Even if you're a seasoned chef, a lot of legwork and preparation is required before you can cook a delicious meal.

So I teamed up with my mother to make cooking tasty and nutritious meals at home easy and accessible for everyone.

My mother comes up with recipe ideas for the meal kits, sourcing the ingredients with our team, and preparing the special paste while I handle the business, placements, and marketing.

Every day, we aim to get the necessary ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes into your hands so that you can just focus on whipping up a healthy, appetizing meal.

Since your cooking deserves the best and freshest ingredients, we go out to fetch the meal kits components only after an order is made.

Then we clean and cut the vegetables, place them neatly in the bag, put in our special paste, and deliver the meal kit to your doorstep.

Each meal kit is prepared with care and contains the essence of my mother's love. I'm willing to share it with you only because I believe that home-cooked meals are the best and our goal is to make you experience that every day.


Chandirasekaran J M

Friszon meal kits are a welcome alternative to eating foods outside.Easy to cook,worth the cost to make and enjoy fresh,healthy food in the convenience of our homes. We tried Malai paneer butter malasa,Mexican rice and paruppu urundai kuzhambu.Malai

Venkataraman Krishnamoorthy

Friszon Meal kit is a new concept in India. A novel and futuristic idea for fresh, home cooked food. Very convenient for young and old alike for hassle free cooking - all ingredients readily available at right proportions. Just unpack and cook and fr


excellent quality food.

Bharat Arora

Protocloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Awesome Recipes.


Hi Friszon Team Thanks for making my cooking easy and delicious. It was a wonderful and exciting experience .. Vegetable Biryani done in just less than 20 minutes from the time I opened your Meal kit. No running around , No preparatio

Sricharan R

I tried two different meal kits of Friszon much before they started their online platform. As a person with no prior experience in cooking, I was able to cook both the dishes within a period of 30-35 minutes. More than the short cooking time, I was i


The quality of the food is amazing. Would 100% recommend.



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